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Voice Training Workshops

Encountering the ‘Real Sound’

In addition to planning and producing high-quality international theatre productions, another area of focus for the Vertebra Theatre is the training and development of professional actors. Every year, we invite good teachers from around the world to come to China to offer training courses of different lengths to complement and improve the quality of professional actors in China.

The Irish Voice Training Workshop, which just completed a 10-day course, was organized with this in mind. Voice training for actors has traditionally been a short-used part of the curriculum in this country and is not a ‘dialogue lesson’ or ‘voice lesson’ as it is traditionally taught.

Regina and Bernie are two of the best voice training teachers I know in the world. Not only are they certified teachers of the world-renowned Linklater Method, but they are also actors and directors, and the holistic nature of their work and practice allows them to be flexible and effective in their teaching.

This workshop, once again, reminds us that your voice is not just about “speaking clearly”, it’s fundamentally about everything you are. From start to finish, you need to be aware of and feel everything about yourself: your body, your breath, your diaphragm, your emotions, your impulses. …… None of this is judged from the rational analysis of the mind, but is about your truly honest attention to yourself (AWARENESS).

Every warm-up led by the teachers must be a quiet, inward exploration, allowing the body to be truly relaxed and full of possibilities. In between breaths, we find the infinite cycle of stimulation between “body-impulse-imagination”.

This workshop is full of scientific and systematic methods, and gentle but powerful encouragement. The two teachers made us realize once again that performance begins and ends with the understanding of the “self”.

In this sense, acting is not just an actor’s job, but it can become everyone’s business.

About the Instructor

Bernadette Cronin

Bernadette Cronin is a theatre artist, but works in a variety of artistic disciplines including theatre arts, sound arts, fine arts and performing arts. She trained at Kristin Linklater, a world-renowned sound training center, and is now a Linklater featured sound training teacher. She studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Drama and went on to become a professional yoga teacher. She has worked with a number of directors, including Phillip Zarrilli (Mental Body Workshop) and David Zinder (Michael Chekhov Method Workshop), providing voice training for actors. She holds a PhD in Drama from the University of Exeter, UK and is currently a Lecturer in Drama at the University of Cork, Ireland. She is the co-founder of GAITKRASH Theatre Company.

Regina Crowley

Regina Crowley is an experienced teacher, director and actor at Linklater Sound Training Centre. She is a co-founder of Gaitkrash Theatre Company and has acted and directed extensively over the last twenty years, conducting several voice and theatre workshops in Ireland and around the world, winning an Arts Council of Ireland Artist Fellowship and an Eilis Mullan Theatre Award. She has trained with Yoshi Oida, Lorna Marshall, Phillip Zarrilli (Phillip has directed many of her productions), Enrique Pardo and has also taught at the Moscow School of Cinematography. After training at the world-renowned sound training centre Kristin Linklater, she is currently a Senior Lecturer in Theatre at the Cork Conservatory of Music.

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