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About Us

Vertebra Theatre is a Shanghai-based arts organization set up in 2016, which is committed to exploring acting boundaries, producing and performing contemporary theater works and facilitating artistic collaboration between China and the rest of the world.

Vertebra creates humanized fusion works by means of mixing and interacting with different art forms, such as space, body, image, dance, language, and new media.

Each year, Vertebra will present a series of theater works to the audience, including joint productions of Chinese and foreign artists or performances directly introduced from abroad.

Beyond the stage, Vertebra is focused on training and nurturing professional actors. Under the premises of an open attitude and scientific theory, every year, top-notch acting teachers, directors, and artists in various fields worldwide will be systematically invited to coach in China to achieve actor education in the true sense, cultivating theatre arts and integrating art with the mind.

In addition, Vertebra offers a variety of artistic and psychological workshops to popularize the arts and make them more accessible to the public.

About "Vertebra"

The vertebral column forms the central axis of the body and provides a strong pillar of support. It is one of the most important parts of the human body, as it makes many different functions possible, including movement, balance and strength support. It also allows for protection of the spinal cord to transmit information. In real life, it is often a metaphor for a crucial force or mainstay, and implies a kind of perseverant and courageous integrity.

Office Address

No104, HuaiHai Middle Road 927, HuangPu District,Shanghai, China

Bus Routes

Fuxing Middle Road, South Huangpi Road (109 Road / 932 Road)
Huanghuan South Road, Fuxing Middle Road (17 Road / 24 Road / 304 Road)
Jianguo East Road, Yuzhou Road (24 Road / 304 Road)

Subway Line

Huangpi South Road (Metro Line 1)
Madang Road (Metro Line 13 / Subway Line 9)
Lujiabang Road (Metro Line 8 / Metro Line 9)
Old Ximen (Metro Line 10 / Metro Line 8)
Xintiandi (Metro Line 10 / Metro Line 13)

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Brand cooperation: Li Yangyang +86 186 1609 0999

Project Advisory: Serena +86 186 1622 4837

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