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「Start Slowly」Performance Workshop

「Start Slowly」Performance Workshop

by Hiroshi Koike

The themes of this workshop are “Body Awareness” and “How to Cross Boundaries”.

In the workshop, Hiroshi Koike will guide the students to start with slow movements to help them develop a strong sense of “body awareness”, then he will guide them to develop a sense of time and work together on a 45-60 minute work. “Slow Motion” is one of the most important elements of the workshop, guiding the participants to focus on the use and feeling of their bodies. Director Koike will guide the participants to move at a speed of 1/100, which will help them find their centre of gravity and realize what they are actually doing when they move their bodies.

In addition to self-inquiry, the director will also guide the participants to feel where the people around them are and how they act. This training will help the participants to better find their “place” on the stage. In addition, during the slow-motion training, Director Koike will lead the participants to feel the light, sounds and visuals around them, fostering their “creativity” and allowing them to perform better.

” I started the Slow Motion Workshop because I’ve come to realize that moving slowly actually requires attention to the whole body (if you want to make perfect slow movements, some physical actions such as blinking, shifting weight, etc. are different from normal speed), which also makes people aware of their body’s movements.

This workshop is not as technical as some other theatre workshops. In my previous workshops, actors, dancers, high school students and the elderly have all participated, and everyone has found their own awareness. For example, this time professional actors are involved and they will most likely be ‘performing and expressing themselves’ in the workshop, but I will tell them not to perform theatrical interpretations, but to be natural and help them find a natural way of doing the movement. “

—-Hiroshi Koike


“I already knew that Hiroshi Koike was a great director before he came here, through the images of his work. But after a few days of workshops, I’m glad I made the quick decision to invite him. Hiroshi Koike is one of the few theatre directors in the country who knows how to mobilize the strengths of his actors, and is good at using space, rhythm, movement, sound …… The interplay of multiple elements is decisive in achieving the imagery he wants.

In the five days of work that have passed, he has been like a chameleon, subverting existing details at any time.” I want to change”, is his mantra. This overturning of an already “good” frame that has been painstakingly rehearsed is initially painful for the actor. However, after making many changes, one gets used to the feeling of upsetting oneself at any time. In order to do so, during the rehearsal process, the actors had to ensure that they remained open and active internally, translating every fresh instruction from the director into a performance of their own.

The twelve actors involved, most of whom are still acting students, working with a director like Koike is an extremely valuable experience that moves them towards a truly professional job. “

—Li Qianpeng, Artistic Director of Vertebra Theatre

About the Instructor

Hiroshi Koike 

He graduated from Hitotsubashi University. A former television director, he founded the Pappa TARAHUMARA artistic performance group in 1982 and has since produced, directed and choreographed in a wide range of artistic genres (theatre, dance, art and music).

In 2012, a year after the devastating 3.11 earthquake on the east coast of Japan, he launched the Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project, which aims to strengthen the impact of artistic performances on nations and societies, and to bring Asian countries closer together through artistic performances that transcend national boundaries. He has produced a number of works to date, including the Mahabharata Project, which began in 2013 and will continue until 2020, in collaboration with several Asian artists.

Hiroshi Koike has toured in more than 40 countries around the world and has collaborated with artists from many countries, conducting workshops in Japan and around the world. He has served as artistic director of the Tsukuba Stage Art Center and as a member of the Japan Foundation for International Exchange.

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